Anonymous asked:
are you and karl still friends? how do you feel about his new girlfriend? do you two hate each other?

I’ve been putting off a whole bunch of thesr asks for over a month now. I’m just going to answer this and be done with it.

1.) Karl and I are not currently friends. He’s away at college and I’m still attending college in our home town.

2.) I’m going to respond to this question the way I always have whenever people ask me: I don’t feel anything! And that’s not meant to be taken in a rude way at all, I just feel like it isn’t my place to judge her at all because I don’t know her. with that being said, I’m sure she’s a lovely girl. It looks like he’s really happy and that’s awesome! I hope I can find that happiness soon as well. I can honestly say that I wish them the best, and I truly do mean that.

3.) I can’t speak for him, but no I don’t hate him - never have and never will. I don’t think you can hate someone who played such a big part in your life…that’s dumb. I don’t think he hates me? I never really did anything to be hated. But once again, I can’t speak for him, so who knows.

With that being said, in respect to Karl and his new girlfriend, this is the ONLY ask I will answer about him. the end. :)

Anonymous asked:
are you & karl still together?

No we’re not. We had a lot of issues and I feel like we forced being friends to hard when we got out of our relationship, so our friendship was screwed up too, which sucked the most. I haven’t seen him in 2 weeks and I’m seeing him tomorrow for the first time since then to hangout and say goodbye before he leaves for college, which is going to be bittersweet. He’ll always be my first love and of course I hope that we’ll get back together in the future, but as of right now I just really want him to be happy, ya know? He’ll always have a place in my heart.

I really am so lucky to be with him. I can’t believe he leaves for Orlando in a month. I just want us to be together despite the distance.I love you, Karl Cowart. 

4everreel asked:
19 !

Haha I’m so glad someone asked a question!

19. Did you have sex today?
Not today but tomorrow (well now today), is my 11 month anniversary with Karl so we shall see(;

Every night this weekend I’ve slept in Karl’s bed and tonight I’m stuck in my ant infested, itchy, roof-leaking with water, bedroom room. I’m cold and lonely and I just want cuddles.
I’m a selfish girlfriend who needs lovin’ time all the time. sue me.

I am so blessed to have such an amazing boyfriend who showers me with love and kindness every single day. I feel like a better, brighter, happier person since he came into my life. Happy 10 months Karl, you’re my best friend.

this is a selfish post.
I love my silly boyfriend :3
I’m really gross looking in all of these, but this is just a boyfriend appreciation post :3
I’d do anything for him. So lucky to be in love with my best friend.